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Little farm, big mission

You want food with integrity, and a beneficial footprint- food that enhances the environment. You're looking for food you can feel good about!

Responsible, regenerative agriculture is the back bone of LBF. This translates directly in how we manage the land to produce our products for you. Our intention is to leave the land better than we found it and create a healthful, high quality product you can confidently feed your family.

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We want to take a minute to introduce ourselves as the farmers behind Leaping Bear. Our names are Justin and Vanessa and we're first generation farmers with a passion for healing our environment. Justin has a background in permaculture design and education, and Vanessa is a graphic designer and marketer. We get to use our past experience daily to grow our farm, and to help refine our customers understanding of regenerative agriculture, organic growing practices and how they can positively contribute to healing our food systems. 

We pride ourselves with providing high quality, fresh and healthy food from the land in a way that benefits the environment. We deeply value our community, which makes our work rewarding, but we know food producers are facing some serious challenges (because of ongoing climate change) and we want to help face those issues head on. How our food is farmed can either add to the destruction of our planet or it can do the opposite- creating abundance and resiliency across our communities.


We saw the need for more regenerative, small-scale and diverse farms as a call to action, inspiring us to make the leap from the Western US to Vermont. We were blessed with an opportunity, through a collaboration with Sun Hill Farm, to turn our dreams into a reality and begin Leaping Bear Farm.


Our farm serves families and households just like yours - people who are ready to make the LEAP to wholesome, nourishing food ethically grown to support the health of our community and the environment. We are committed to regenerative farming practices, moving our chickens to fresh pasture every damn day to ensure they live in a clean, natural environment. This results in positive impacts not only on the the pastures we farm on but the health and well-being of our customers. 

In five seasons we have produced over a thousand pasture raised chickens a year for the local community, as well as fresh eggs, microgreens and homemade broth. We are focused on making a positive impact on our land, in our management of animals, and in your health and diet. 

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Our chickens are certified organic and pasture raised. Our main source of feed is from Green Mountain Feeds, a locally owned family business located in Bethel, Vermont. 


When our birds are out on the pasture during the growing season, they get moved to fresh grass every damn day. This keeps the birds healthy, providing a constant source of greens and insects to add to their diet and allows them to leave behind a tremendous amount of nutrients which build rich, resilient soils and capturing and storing carbon in the ground. 

A healthy environment supports healthier people and animals, resulting in better meat and a nutritious and sustainable diet you can feel good about. 

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